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What are Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT)?


EAAT is a therapeutic modality that incorporates equine activities and/or the equine environment and complements other, more traditional, therapies. EAAT stimulates the entire body of the client. When involved with a horse, clients of all ages increase their self-esteem and enjoy the therapy.  When other therapeutic curriculum accompanies the lesson (e.g., music, massage, coordination, sensory, psychotherapy), the client's rehabilitation rate is increased.


There is no "standard" set of exercises used in EAAT. Each client must be treated according to his or her specific condition. Various exercises are recommended to stimulate different body areas, organs, or muscle groups. The therapies require rhythm, dexterity, and contact.  The exercise program undergoes continual adjustment depending on progress and medical conditions.  At One Heart, therapeutic activities are considered in the same way as a "made to measure" tailored suit, specifically designed for each client’s requirements.


The simple act of sitting on a horse provides a passive therapy. The horse’s body provides warmth and stabilization. Exercises are designed to combine active and passive elements.  The passive input the horse provides through gait and pace translates into active neuro-muscular repositioning responses by the client. Body placement of the client on the horse and tack selection are also factors that influence the effectiveness of this active therapy.


Applications of  EAAT


  • Mental Health 

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Veterans 

  • Physical Disabilities 

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Cognition and Sensory Issues

  • Psychological

  • Behavior 

  • Quality of Life

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