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Classes at One Heart


One Heart offers therapeutic services to individuals demonstrating physical, cognitive, mental, or emotional limitations and special needs.  One Heart welcomes all people with disabilities, beginning with age two. We work with children and adults who have been born with physical disorders or diseases, injury victims, and children and adults with emotional disorders, and/or learning disabilities. Many of our clients have multiple diagnoses.  All clients MUST have permission from their doctor to ride. A therapist and certified therapeutic riding instructor evaluate and set goals with every client. The instructor is given information about the client from the individual, parents, teachers, doctors, and therapists.


Typically, clients meet once a week throughout six-week sessions, as offered.  A PATH Intl-certified instructor conducts a class of single or multiple clients who - based on their individual goals, objectives, and capabilities - warm-up, mount, and ride or drive an equine (with or without assistance). A game promoting achievement of the client's goals is usually included in the lesson.  As with other instruction, games incorporate the client's use of communication skills, riding skills, cognition, physical development, hand/eye coordination, verbalization, horsemanship, mental awareness, vestibular system, and proprioception, among other systems which might be underdeveloped. The instructor and assistants evaluate the lesson immediately following the class.

One Heart instructors are also certified Special Olympics Equestrian coaches. Qualified clients participate in Iowa's Special Olympics Equestrian competition.  Many of our clients are able to participate in this unique therapy through the generous support of sponsors.  We would welcome your support of a One Heart rider.


If you would like to participate in improving the therapeutic opportunity and the life quality of a person with disabilities, please contact us regarding sponsorship.



-- Kris Lager, Executive Director

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