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      Driving Classes


Driving classes are taught by a PATH Intl-certified instructor. An able-bodied driver (“whip”) is required if the instructor is not in the cart. A variety of vehicles and horses/ponies are used in driving classes.  Clients work to achieve individual goals while learning the horsemanship skills of driving, including: grooming, harnessing and hitching, and reinsmanship.


Clients need head and neck stability for driving and is an alternative for clients who have a fear of heights, their weight surpasses the mounted limitations, or are otherwise contraindicated for mounted therapeutic activities.


The driving program became a reality with the help of the Sons of Norway, Kong Sverre Lodge of Story City, IA. With their help, we acquired our first horses, carts, and custom harness.

Click the link to read more about the vehicles used in driving classes.


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