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The vehicles may be similar to those used by able-bodied drivers.  Other carts, buggies, or wagons are modified to accommodate wheelchairs.

We have "easy entry" carts with a very low step-in to a seat with a higher back for support.  The seat is made extra wide to accommodate two adult drivers.  These carts go on a variety of surfaces.

Common Vehicles with Minor Adjustment

Common modifications:

Hydraulic lift

Manual ramp

Moveable seats

Wheelchair securing plans

Custom Vehicles to use with Wheelchairs

Gifted by the Sons of Norway, we have two vehicles specifically designed for accommodating drivers from their wheelchairs.  Above is a custom built cart designed as a rear-loading, stationary ramp, which can be a tail gate or remain at the loading area. 

Below, and to the right, is a wagonette with a 5th wheel axle in front with shafts that can be converted from single to pair driving.  A hydraulic lift on the back serves to raise and lower the driver to the bed of the vehicle and folds up while not being used.   

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