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Riding Classes
Motion Therapy


Motion therapy (or hippotherapy) is a therapeutic modality used by an occupational or physical therapist. The clients are placed in a variety of positions to serve the needs of their bodies. The horse provides warmth and motion. This exercise enhances muscular strength and tone, rider stability, balance, and coordination.

Developmental Therapy


Developmental therapy offers clients a curriculum in occupational-type therapies on the back of the horse. Many times you will see developmental riders sitting backwards on their horse using the rump as a table: rolling out play-clay, working puzzles, using sewing cards and working on manipulative skills.

Sport Therapy


In sport therapy each student learns basic horsemanship skills.  Emphasis is placed on developing and refining physical and cognitive abilities needed to control the horse independently in a variety of situations. Goals are set with therapists. Classes are taught by a PATH Intl-certified instructor.

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