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Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit organization.  Hundreds of you have generously donated your time and talent through the years, and we appreciate your support.  New volunteers are also welcome at any time.

Ways to Volunteer


Farm Volunteers:

Chore help - Help with feeding, vet visits, and other basic maintenance around the barn.


Arena Volunteers:

Sidewalker - Encourage, motivate, and challenge the client as the instructor directs. No horse experience is necessary for this job. (Ages 14 & up)


Leading horses - Lead the horse during classes and keep the horse under control during walk, jog, and low jumps (Ages 14 & up)


Groom - Groom and tack horses, clean stalls and arena, & assist instructors
(Ages 12 & up)


Barn manager - Make sure the correct horses and clients are in the correct class with the correct tack.


Instructor/Physical Therapist Assistant -Instruct or assist the instructor during classes. ***Requires special training***


Photographer - Take photos during class and other One Heart events


Office Volunteers:

Data Entry & Filing - Help with any and all office duties that come up.  A great way to volunteer if you can’t make it to the arena for classes.


To volunteer please fill out the contact form below


Training sessions for first-time volunteers are offered prior to the beginning of each series of classes.  Training includes orientation for our current riding location and a review of procedures and policies for a PATH Intl Member Center.  Training also offers hands-on experiences for grooming, leading, and sidewalking.  Volunteer shifts are explained and sign-up occurs at the end of training.  


Returning volunteers are also welcome at training sessions.  If you haven't volunteered at this location, please feel free to come for an orientation!  If you don't come to a training session, email regarding the shifts you would like.  

Thanks for your inquiry! We hope to meet you soon. Meanwhile check out our Facebook page. We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletter for the most current information. Thanks again!

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