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Tell me more about this property!

Exactly WHERE is this property?   This property is located at 2710 W. 190th St. just north of the city limits of Ames, IA. It is on a hard-surfaced road for access throughout the year.  Our clients come from a 9-county area surrounding Ames, and the majority of our volunteers come from Ames, so this is ideally located. Both the city and the county have reviewed the property's purpose and we have a conditional use permit for One Heart’s intended use.

What is the history of the property?  The property was intentionally built in 2003 to serve equestrians!  It has housed many champions and has offered many hours of riding over the years.  The sellers had no intent to maintain a horse business.  Remarkably, that is what made it available to us.  Rarely does a property like this present itself - at the right time - in the right place!

What is on the property?  The property, on 10 acres, includes a large indoor arena with dust-free footing, outdoor riding space, numerous stalls and tack areas, a viewing room and gathering spaces, client prep area, bathroom, and offices. All public areas meet ADA requirements.  Click to see the floorplan and aerial footage.


​​​What does this permanent home mean to One Heart?  We learned we have reached our full potential at shared facilities.  Not only will we achieve the security of having our own home, but we will be able to increase clients served and services offered: 


  • Develop programming for veterans

  • Expand services throughout the year, with flexible scheduling times

  • Host trainings and meetings for mentoring and professional development

  • Collaborate with researchers to advance the knowledge of equine-assisted therapies

  • Broaden program interaction in the community

    • Schools and assisted/long-term living centers

    • Rehab centers & DayHab programs

  • Sponsor labs, internships, and job shadowing opportunities

    • FFA, 4-H

    • Higher education, such as ISU, DMACC, Des Moines University:  Veterinary and animal sciences, family and child development, kinesiology, pre-physical therapy and pre-occupational therapy

  • Complete accreditation to Premiere Center status with PATH, Intl.


Does the property need much updating?  This property was designed and built with quality materials and workmanship.  It has been maintained with skill and proper attention and has recently passed a professional inspection.  Over time additions and adjustments may be made to customize to our clientele and use, but it is ready to go as soon as we add the horses and volunteers!

Will One Heart be able to maintain the property?  Yes.  The Board of Directors has a strategic plan to sustain this purchase and expand One Heart programing.  It will be a large hurdle, however, to carry a conventional loan for the remaining funding, and this is why it is so important to find additional donors to allow us to operate debt free.


Will the horses be able to live there?   Yes.  The property is 10 acres with multiple grass paddocks (for rotational grazing) and automatic waterers.  This will allow improved management of the herd's nutrition, health, and well-being.  There is better space for isolating and integrating individuals as needed for management of behavior and medical needs.  The entire property has horse-friendly fencing.


Who will take care of the horses?  There are well-maintained caretaker quarters on the property.  Part of the strategic plan is for on-site for care staff under a rental agreement.  Occupants must be knowledgeable about horse care and property maintenance.


How does it compare to other place One Heart has ridden?  One Heart started riding at the Story County Fairgrounds in Nevada, Iowa.  The horses were kept in a donated pasture known as "the jungle" and were trailered to the fairgrounds, along with all the necessary supportive gear, several times per week.  The fairground arena was covered but not enclosed. 






Next, One Heart was hosted at Stagecoach Stables in Ames.  This allowed the horses to live on the same property, and we got to use an enclosed, insulated arena shared with other boarders and riding classes.  We were next hosted by the Strum family in Roland.  The horses stayed on property and we had exclusive use of the facilities. 







After that, we modified our classes and shortened our sessions to fit into an enclosed arena in Nevada to qualify our Special Olympics team for state competition.  The past 2 years we have utilized an open pasture as an arena for a limited number of classes.  We have sincerely appreciated our hosts who have allowed our program to develop and grow.  We have made the most of every situation, but we have finally reached our full potential at shared facilities.














What other places did the Board explore?  The Board of Directors explored other options such as having land donated and constructing a custom facility; purchasing land and modifying existing structures; or continuing to share facilities through a lease arrangement.  Nothing could match or compare to the opportunity this property offered.


How much is the total cost?   The sellers generously priced it to us for $800,000 because of their support of One Heart.  As of July 2018, we have raised $550,000 toward that purchase price and took possession of the property.  Under mutual contractual arrangement, the sellers will carry the additional balance through the remainder of 2018.  Our revenue stream is not structured to sustain a monthly payment such as a conventional bank loan, which makes us eager to raise the remaining funds as quickly as possible to meet our balloon payment. 

Through rain, through snow...

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