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is our Capital Campaign- come RIDE with us!



It is such a pleasure to experience One Heart through the eyes of the families and staff who come in support of the riders. Mothers tell us, “This is the therapy they like!” Keep in mind that many of our clients undergo myriad therapies and treatments, many since birth. Therapies can be complicated, painful, repetitive, and seem endless, especially to children. Receiving significant services in a natural setting and participating in a “normal” activity is rewarding for everyone. A father once said, “I was calling to my son that it was time to get ready for One Heart, but I couldn’t find him. Turns out he was already in the car, ready to go!”


Daily we witness a new dimension of a child’s behavior.  We celebrate a new-found skill. Our clients increase in strength or ability. It is common to hear from a volunteer that they have a new perspective on life, gained from a client’s success. Young people making life choices and career decisions are frequently steered into  animal and human health services from their experiences at One Heart. Our clients, volunteers, and horses, in turn, inspire us!


At a professional level, the board and staff maintain best practices through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Riding, International.  PATH, Intl. accredits centers and certifies instructors. Our professional development coincides with the personal development of our riders. Services are continually reviewed to develop innovative programing and outreach.


At the arena level, we ask our clients to develop relationships with their horses and social skills with volunteers. We strive to develop clients, staff and volunteers as a better self, and to extend that self to all relationships. A public relationship is developed with our community and donors who provide financial support to sustain and develop all aspects of operations.


The very essence of One Heart is to serve people.  We are enriched by the gifts brought to us by our clients and families and by the natural partnership we find with horses.  In turn,  we can empower the lives touched by One Heart though the intermingling of horsemanship, volunteerism, compassion and professionalism.

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